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What Is Your Management Style?


Management StylesThere are many different ways to run an office or business, though some management styles and methods may be better than others. For me, I find my style of management depends on the situation or project.  Here are the basics in how your leadership style might affect your work environment:

  • Autocratic – With this management style, you are the unequivocal boss. You make all the decisions, and your subordinates look to you for the direction of the company. You might oversee every aspect of their work, or you might allow them some leeway, but you are at the head of your business.
  • Paternalistic – Rather than just looking at what is best for your company, you also take your employees’ desires into consideration. Your leadership traits focus on listening to employees’ needs and motivating them to boost morale.
  • Democratic – This is one of the more common leadership styles in management. You are not the only one to make decisions, since you let your employees take part. If you do not fully understand every aspect of your business, this is an excellent way to make sure you remain competitive.

There are many more different leadership styles, but most managers combine one or more traits to what fits them best. It’s always a good idea to take stock of your actions and think about what will be the best results before you commit to any management style. What is your management style?

graphic courtesy of Comm Lab India

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