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Employee Recognition Party Ideas


Employee RecognitionA big part of running a successful business is taking care of your employees. Recognition for outstanding performance, then, is not just a nice thing to do—it’s an important tool that can be used to reinforce outcomes that are important for the growth of the company. When you use employee incentives effectively, you can improve on the motivations your employees have to do good work.

Here are some ideas for how to plan a meaningful employee recognition party:


Employee appreciation parties do not have to be elaborate or cost a lot of money, but they do have to be well thought out and deliberate. One of the simplest ways to show your employees that the company recognizes their work is to plan a long lunch. Whether you have the event catered or you reserve a room at a restaurant, be sure to thank your employees both publicly (perhaps with a brief speech) and individually as you meet with each of them.


A great, fun way to recognize your employees is to plan a company activity. This idea is most successful when the activity is carefully selected to match the interests of the people who work there. You may choose a spa day, for example, a visit to the movie theatre, or a ski trip. Depending on the size of your business, you may decide to spread this activity across multiple days so that your company can continue to run normally while everyone has a chance to participate.

Family Day

Often employees appreciate an opportunity to include their families in company parties. Plan a special family day with activities appropriate for both children and adults, and be sure to let your employees know about their job well done with their loved ones present. You may wish to plan a picnic or a day at the park on a Saturday so that the maximum number of people can attend.

Awards or Gifts

Whatever type of party you choose to hold, it is often appropriate to include employee recognition awards or gifts as part of the festivities. Again, these do not have to be expensive, but they are usually highly valued by those who receive them. Consider printing personalized certificates or offering gift cards. Your awards might be serious (attendance, performance, etc.) or humorous (most cups of coffee consumed, etc.).


People love good surprises. An exciting way to let your employees know that you notice the hard work they put in is to surprise them with one of these party ideas or simply let them go home early on a Friday.

No matter what you choose to do, make sure that it’s something that uniquely fits your company culture. By continuing to make employee appreciation a priority, you can make sure that your employees are happy, which in itself is good for your business.

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